The Capzul Overlay Network (CON) is a next generation enabling framework that serves as the foundation for Internet-based solution and services.

The result of a new paradigm-shifting monolithic approach, Capzul enables the provision of security for communication, data, and the devices that make up the network at an exponentially higher level than is currently available. In addition, the underlying technologies optimize transmission and facilitate flexibility for your network devices.

Incorporating our patented methodology, CON secures data transmission with implicit authentication of correspondents, immune to the vulnerabilities of PKI.

With its unique anti-reverse protection, the Dynamic Security Engine ensures that all critical data, like private and shared keys are breach-proof.

Link_Z totally isolates the protected server(s), effectively making it invisible. No server inbound ports are open, with connection only being made to a Link_Z IP address.

HTTP_Z the protocol used for transmission in CON includes advanced transportation encryption that is resistant to quantum computer attacks.

Our new encryption methodology used in CON to secure data ensures that data can only b decrypted by those authorized.

Unique proprietary technology optimizes the routing of data through the network’s deployed Link_Zs.

With the use of HTTP_Z and Link_Z, the web and data server(s) do not have a fixed IP; as a result, these servers are easily taken off-line, moved and brought back on-line.